September 23, 2016

Hiraku Fuji

Name: Hiraku Fujii

Date of birth: October 16, 1988

Favorite Yo-yo: Raider, Fireball

Favorite Style of Play: 2A

What is it about yoyoing that you enjoy the most?
It is that we can make many friends in many countries through yoyoing.

Other Hobbies: Acrobat, Diabolo, contact juggling, and watching movie movies

Favorite food: Ramen

Titles :

  • 1st place in the 2004 and 2005 Asian Pacific Yoyo Contest
  • 1st place in the 2005 and 2008 Japan National Yoyo Contest
  • 1st place in the 2008 and 2009 International Yoyo Open
  • 2nd place in the 2004 and 2016 World Yoyo Contest
  • 3rd place in the 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2014 World Yoyo Contest