Liu Man Ki, also known as Alex is one of the best 2A player in Hong Kong and the world. Alex started yo-yoing in 1998. During the this time Alex has not only developed his crazy yo-yo skill but he has become more confident about himself. Before starting to yo-yo Alex describes himself as being a shy person. Now Alex has not only perform for thousands of people but he finds that it is easy for him to talk to more people about his passion as well. Alex loves yo-yoing and hope to continue promote yo-yoing to others in the future.I


Date of Birth :4th July, 1986

Hometown: Hongkong

Favorite Yoyos: Yellow color Fireball (Yomega)

Favorate style of play: 2A

What is it about yoyoing that you enjoy the most? : When I create a new trick(original) , the satisfaction is the most enjoyable and making others happy during performances!

Other Hobbies: Magic, Swimming


Asia Pacific Yo Yo Championship 2016 2A 1st

World Yo Yo Contest 2012 2A 5th

Worlds Sport Looping Winner 2012

Asia Pacific Yo Yo Championship 2005 & 2011 2A 3rd

Hong Kong Yo Yo Contest 2005, 2007, 2011 & 2012 2A 1st

China Nation Yo Yo Contest 2010 & 2011 2A 1st