February 5, 2018

Rivaldy Adhitama





Age: 22

Hometown: Pontianak, Indonesia

First Yo-Yo:  Yomega Fireball

Favorite Yo-Yo: Raider and Prodigy

What is it about yoyoing that you enjoy the most?
From yo-yoing, I get lots of friends from different countries and get a pleasure when entertaining people with yo-yoing.

Favorite Trick or Combination:  Looping combination



– 1st 1A Division at Pontianak Open Yoyo Contest 2015

– 3rd 2A Division at Transera Yoyo Contest 2017

– 1st Artistic Performance at Pontianak Festival of Chinese New Year 2017

Team Yomega
Team Yomega


An intermediate play level Yo-Yo, the Fireball is able to deliver high speed and ultra smooth spins


The Yomega Maverick YoYo is a high grade, all aluminum, laser etched yo-yo that is designed for advanced play


The Raider YoYo is used for extreme looping play


Easy to learn and play YoYo with innovative roller bearing technology