Yomega YoYos

Yomega YoYos 

Are you looking for the perfect YoYo? We have so many YoYos to choose from!

You’ve come to the right place! Yomega has high-performance YoYos of all shapes and designs, from the beginner Yomega Brain, to the elite competition YoYo our Yomega Prodigy, and everything in between!

Kendama player?

Did you know that we have newly designed a high-quality Kendama Pro that is brought to you in numerous colors? You do now! Check out our top of the line Kendama’s here featuring the classic Ken and Tama design, with new modern twists!

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All-New Starstruck™

A brand new Yomega store exclusive yo-yo…

Kendama Pro by Yomega


Kendama Pro by Yomega

Kendama Pro by Yomega Get them HERE! …

Exclusive to the Yomega Web Store

Perfect for any travelling yo-yo player, we’re now offering a Yomega bag…

YoYo Maintenance: How to Lubricate Your YoYo

YoYo Maintenance: How to Lubricate Your YoYo

Have you ever had an issue with your yoyo not properly returning, or your…

New Soft Touch Kendama Pro

With a new, improved paint to reduce chipping, Soft Touch Kendama have never been better…

Alpha Wing YoYo by Yomega

World Yoyo Contest 2016 Raider

An all-new version of the Raider for the Yoyo Contest in Cleveland!