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What is a bearing yo-yo (also nicknamed a roller bearing or ball bearing yo-yo)?

First, let’s start off with what a bearing is. Simply put for our purposes, a bearing is a ring shaped track containing tiny steel balls throughout that roll within it. This causes bearings to be super long spinning mechanisms and it allows for what we call high performance yo-yo play.

The bearing Pro yo-yo’s are great advanced level players with some experience yo-yoing. Unlike the auto-return yo-yo’s like the Brain, the bearing Pro yo-yo’s will not return automatically. Instead they rely on the player to manually cause return by inducing a flick of the wrist or jerking motion upward.

Ok, Now that you know how the yo-yo works, let’s see if we can solve what’s causing your grief. Below are some common problems experienced with these types of yo-yo’s and with them some solutions.

My yo-yo won't return!

Not good, but here are some reasons this may be – from the most obvious to the more remote.

1. Remember the bearing yo-yo is not an auto return yo-yo, so you must give the yo-yo enough energy in the throw to allow it to return. So, if you’re just dropping it down, try giving it a harder throw before trying to get it to return.

2. One of the main reasons a bearing yo-yo will not return has to do with the stringing. Remember the instructions? If you do, you’ll recall that the bearing yo-yo’s require the single loop method of stringing. String replacing methods

3. Lubricant – when the yo-yo’s leave the factory they have a small amount of lubricant on their axles. This lubricant allows for a more responsive yo-yo. After long use, this lubricant needs to be replenished. To solve this problem, place a small drop of Brain Lube on the axle (you must take the yo-yo apart to do this). If you don’t have Brain Lube you may substitute with a small drop of mineral oil. Please Note: DO NOT use any type of spray oils, they are harmful to the yo-yo and it’s plastic. SPECIAL NOTE: When lubricating the bearing yo-yo take special care in making sure that you do not lose the bearing spacers inside the yo-yo. Also, make sure you place these spacers properly back on the axle. There should be one spacer on each side of the bearing and the smooth side of the spacer should face the plastic of the yo-yo.

4. Frayed or worn string – sometimes bearing yo-yo’s will have a hard time returning if the string is worn down and dirty. In this case, try putting a new string on it – but remember the single loop method when you do!

My yo-yo is making some loud noises!

This is almost always due to a lubricant issue. To correct it, just put a drop of Brain Lube on the axle – and bye, bye noise!

I lost a part!

Most parts are available in our online store. If not, give us a contact us at [email protected]  and we’ll find it for you.

My yo-yo won't sleep!

1. Back to the throw – just like the yo-yo won’t return unless you throw it hard enough, it won’t sleep for the same reason. Remember, in order to get the yo-yo to sleep you must get the yo-yo to spin properly and the only way that happens is to give it a hard enough downward throw.

2. String thing – perhaps the string is knotted or pinched around the axle. You’ll know this is the case if the yo-yo snaps back rapidly to your hand. If so, take the yo-yo apart, remove the string or knot, put the yo-yo back together and then restring it using the single loop method.

3. Inside parts – Ok, if you think the yo-yo is strung properly and it sleeps but not very well, you must check to see if the spacers are in correctly. A misplaced spacer will misalign the yo-yo and cause a lot of friction. Make sure the smooth side of each spacer faces the plastic and the grooves face the bearing.