Instructions for getting the most fun from your new Yomega Yoyo.

Adjusting the string

To achieve the proper string length, set the toy on the floor with the string fully extended. If necessary, cut the string 3 inches above your navel, and reform the knotted loop so that the length of the string is waist high when the toy is touching the floor. (FIG.1)

Making a slip knot

Make a slip knot by pushing the string through the loop. You now have an adjustable loop through which to place the middle finger of your throwing hand. (FIG.2)


Replacing the String

Alpha Wing, Raider®, Xodus II, Magnetar, Maverick® and all Yomega roller bearing models require the Single Loop Method. Simply remove old string and replace.
Brain®, Power Brain XP®, Fireball® and Spectrum® require the Double Loop Method. (FIG.3)

Lubrication of Yomega Yoyos

Yomega yoyo’s are lubricated at the factory. However, after repeated use, additional lubrication may be necessary. Periodic lubrication using Yomega Lube, mineral or baby oil, improves performance and responsive return capability.

Brain®, Power Brain XP®, Fireball® and Spectrum®  and all Transaxle Models – Unscrew the two yoyo halves and remove the plastic “transaxle” and place a small drop of Yomega lube or oil on the metal axle. Then re-assemble the yoyo. (FIG.4)

Raider®, Magnetar™, Maverick® and all Bearing Models –

Unscrew the halves revealing the bearing. Place a small drop of lube oil at the axle near the bearing. Then re-assemble the yoyo. (FIG.5)

Remember – Except for the Alpha Wing, all Yomega models are modular. They can be unscrewed to remove string knots and lubricate. Re-assemble the 2 halves by screwing them back together snugly. Do not overtighten.  Overtightening will cause damage to the yoyo.