Known for quality, performance and innovation, Yomega has been revolutionizing yoyo play since 1984. Inventor of all skill level yoyos, Yomega makes it easy for kids and kids at heart to progress at their own pace..


Coordination and Concentration: Builds hand/eye coordination and sharpens balance and concentration. Learn traditional tricks or create your own!


For optimization or customization, Yomega accessories are great tools for your Yomega Yoyos. From neon strings, to our maintenance kit, keep your Yomega yoyo performing at it’s best!

Yomaga Brain

The yoyo with a Brain
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Professional Responsive Transaxle Yoyo
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Power Brain XP

responsive professional yoyo with Smart Switch
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Yomaga Alpha Wing

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Yomega Raider

Professional Responsive Ball Bearing Yoyo
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Yomega Magnetar

Responsive High Performance Ball Bearing Yoyo
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Yomega Kendama

The Traditional Japanese Skill Toy
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Professional Responsive YoYos, Roller Bearing Technology, Rubber Rims
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Professional Aluminum Metal Yoyo
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From the beginning, we imagined a yoyo that would take the frustration out of learning the basics. We first introduced The Yo-Yo with a Brain™ and like magic, kids found excitement and satisfaction in making their yoyo “sleep” and return to the hand automatically! Yomega continued to invent…the Fireball®, the Raider® and yoyos at all skill levels so that kids, and kids at heart could progress at their own pace. Today, Yomega continues to invent, inspire and delight. Best of all, kids can step away from their TV’s, cell phones, and electronics and discover the joy of learning the art of yoyo play. #KnowWhatYouThrow