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Plastic Yomega Kendama Collection


Yomega’s Kendama is a traditional Japanese game that is easy to play but difficult to master. The Basic object of Kendama is to catch the ball on each of the cupped surfaces of the hammer like handle. The kendama ball has a hole in it, which allows advanced players to catch it on the spike. In addition to these basic maneuvers, there are numerous other tricks that players can perform, all of which require great hand eye coordination.

Kandema Pro

Yomega’s Kendama The Yomega Kendama Pro is a professional model based on our popular Kendama. This piece is crafted out of wood, making for a better grip and a premium feel. Catch the competition-sized kendama ball on the various size cups, then go for the spike, landing the ball on the pointed tip. A game easy to learn yet difficult to master, ensuring hours of concentrated play.