Pro Level Yo-Yos

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Yomega Glide:

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The Glide has been re-imagined to fit the style of play you most desire. The Elite level Glide is our heaviest responsive yo-yo, weighing in at 68.3 grams. This will provide extended sleep time, but the Glide remains responsive and will return to your hand with a flick of the wrist. The Glide include a silicone pad return system and a narrow C-sized beating. Finishes have been chosen to excite: a variety of splash finishes allows you to have the piece that reflects your personality!

The specs are: Weight – 68.3 grams, Width – 43 mm, Gap Width – .163 inches/4.14 mm
Diameter – 2.25 inches/56 mm, Bearing size – Narrow C-size .250 x .500 x .125″, Response – Silicone Return System


Yomega Prodigy:

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The phenomenal Prodigy captures Daniel’s journey as a world-class yoyo player. Designed by Daniel an his mentor, Spin Dynamics’ Nick Gumlaw, and machined by the amazing team at One Drop to guarantee high quality, American made performance. A truly stunning high-performance throw with great hand feel, stability and spin time from the legendary Dif-e-Yo KonKave bearing.

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Yomega Pro Speed™:

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The Yomega Pro Speed is a heavy (70 grams) non responsive yoyo that requires a bind in order to return to the hand. Designed specifically for string tricks, it features a wing shape design with a wide gap making it easier to catch the yoyo on the string. This yoyo is perfect for the advanced player to push the limits to perform complex string tricks and winning moves.

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