Player Level YoYos

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Yomega Fireball:







The Yomega Fireball is the YoYo that started the revolution in play. With it’s patented transaxle system, the Fireball allows for spins that are over 3 times longer than an ordinary YoYo. The transaxle system uses a special axle sleeve to reduce friction and increase spin. With this system, players can progress to tricks once thought impossible.


Yomega Xodus II:

Yomega Xodus II Yomega Xodus II Yomega Xodus II Yomega Xodus II







The Yomega Xodus II is designed for string tricks. It has a very wide profile to catch the yo-yo on the string and contains a steel ball bearing to deliver long spin times. Its rubber rims are engineered to protect the yo-yo from ground contact.


Yomega Spectrum:

Clear Spectrum Yomega Yo-Yo Red Spectrum Yomega Yo-Yo Blue Spectrum Yomega Yo-Yo







The Spectrum features LED lights that make for explosive colors and instant entertainment with just one throw of the yo-yo! Part of Yomega’s Player level yoyo line, the Spectrum features a transaxle and a starburst response system, which allows any level of player to use. The Spectrum is a colorful yo-yo that can brighten anyone’s day!



Check the collection out HERE!