Yomega High-Performance YoYos

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Are you looking for the perfect yoyo for yourself, a friend, sibling, or son or daughter? You’ve come to the right place! Yomega brings high-performance yoyos of all shapes and form, from the beginner Yomega Brain, to the elite competition yoyo our Yomega Prodigy, and everything in between!

Not a yoyoer? Take a look into our Yomega Kendama Pro!

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2 thoughts on “Yomega High-Performance YoYos

  • Dear, Yomega
    Today was the first day i ever bought a yomega yo-yo ever. I heard good reviews online about your yo-yo “Raider”, so I bought one at the nearest hobbytown for 15.00 dollars. I started using it right away, great but once I got home something happened it’s like the quality just dropped. It would not respond like at the plaza where I purchased it. It would not return to me when I would try to do the forward throw. Eventually I decided to take a look nothing seemed off. After an hour of putting it back together, taking it apart. I asked my dad to lend a hand and he has been a fan of yo-yos his whole life he has preffered your brand over Duncan since you guys popped up. Now everyonce in a while he buys yoyos from your company. He told me that your yoyos are high quality. He was just like me he was pretty shocked. So i’m pretty sure if it came out deffective so could you guys please send another

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